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I'm intrigued and a bit overwhelmed - it all makes sense.  I have a gray
marine I'd love to contribute to the cause (a backup generator).  Barring
such use it is available to any Alberger for free!  With the following
provisios - it be picked up in the middle of the night and the taker never
speak to me about the engine (or blame me for that matter).  The engine will
be dropped at Gypsy's keel sometime this winter - located at College Point
Yatch Club (at the foot of the whitestone bridge).

Gypsy #138, Oyster Bay.

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>Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 12:19:09 -0400
>From: "Roger L. Kingsland" <rkingsland101 at ksba.com>
>Subject: [Alberg30] Creative Hail Solutions
>To: "Alberg 30 public list" <public-list at alberg30.org>
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>One idea.  We did a project in south Texas and the construction workers
>there wore "cowboy hard hats".  No, really: they look just like cowboy hats
>but are made of hard plastic, like real haed hats.  If you had one of
>your face, shoulders and head would all be protected from hail, rain, sun;
>boom.  Better than those buckets that get so hot and clammy and make such
>awful echo when hit by beer cans. Wait a minute that was college; hail is
>probably just as bad though, maybe worse. 
>I have this other idea.  A friend is one of the leading multi-media
>integrators (I am not really sure what that means but, I know he is up to
>the task) in the country and we are collaborating on the multi-stage
>"remote-tification" of Mahina (A30, #148).  The first stage involves remote
>control of the boat from below.  I was originally thinking of poker games
>but I suppose it would work during hail storms as well.  Phase one systems
>include the following "normal" gear;
>  a.. radar (does anyone know if radar actually works in a hail storm or,
>for that matter, during a poker game) 
>  b.. VHF (for listening to those amusing, "damn motor won't start" stories
>from motor boats with names like; 
>    a.. My Way [Frank Sinatra lover], 
>    b.. Big Whopper [Burger King franchise owner], 
>    c.. Dividend (never worked a day in my life) 
>    d.. Fish-R-Us (gone-R-I) 
>    e.. Papas Pastime (cute), 
>    f.. Daddies Diva (a little weird) 
>    g.. Mammas Not Home (what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas) 
>    h.. Sweet Revenge (got the best divorce lawyer)
>  c.. stereo (to drown out the hail noise) 
>  d.. auto pilot with remote control  
>  e.. all the typical instruments  (speed, wind [speed, direction, angle],
>smell. decibels, foot-candles, carbon [mo, larry and lady-di oxide],
>compass, velocity made [good and bad], GPS, fish finder, fish bait finder)
>  f.. wet bar with ice maker (of course, you won't need it for the hail
>storm but it will be useful for the poker game, in fact, if we only play
>poker during the hail storm, we can replace the ice maker with a simple
>collection system)
>Other, less common, systems will also be required;
>  a.. mast head, motorized video camera (with zoom) connected to plasma
>screen mounted on bulkhead below (to confirm radar contacts and try to spot
>those pesky little boats that don't show up so well on radar) 
>  b.. 300 watt PA system with 360 degree rotating speaker to A)
>announce our presence and politely request other vessels get the hell out
>our way, B) blow the ear drums off of those motor boaters that play rap
>music using those trunk sized base speakers [perhaps "Riders in the Storm"
>by the Doors]) 
>  c.. remote controlled, electric roller ferruling and sheets 
>  d.. sonar (to ping submarines that, because we can't see them, I
>understand are much more numerous than most sailors believe; In fact, for
>fear of snagging a periscope in the wrong place, I seldom go swimming in
>Bay any more) 
>  e.. big, big generator in place of the engine (just hook up a big
>motor to the prop)
>A nice added touch would be to tint the windows like you see on most big
>black cars and SUVs so, when sailing around, people will think we are
>Speaking of invisible, that gets me to stage two which is fully remote
>sailing.  This is a hot idea.  Think how easy it will be to get the video
>game generation more interested in sailing.  It will be much better than
>video game (sailing or not) because when the kids steer the boat into the
>dock, it will actually HIT the dock.  A great combination of highly
>realistic video game and reality TV.  Here is the additional equipment we
>would need;
>  a.. a bunch more remote controlled stuff like halyards, anchor, dingy,
>dock lines, fenders, boat hook(s), cocktail waitress, card dealer (last two
>not necessary for hail storm unless combined w/ poker game) 
>  b.. a complete, radio controlled remote operating system like on those
>model airplanes; ONLY, ours would be connected to and integrated with a
>scale model of an A30 cockpit, deck  and rig installed (in the new garage I
>will have to build because mine is not 30'-3" long and 40' high) connected
>to hydraulic systems that duplicate the exact motion of the boat, REAL TIME

>  c.. one of those radio controlled airplanes to provide the overhead view
>demanded by most video game players (this could be operated by the players
>friend or mentor and could be armed so they could try to strafe the boat to
>keep from getting bored) 
>  d.. air bags that deploy when the full scale model duplicates the motion
>of the real boat actually hitting the dock, freighter, whatever (you know
>how these kids are with their video games) 
>  e.. another really big generator
>This is a great solution for A30 sailors, like me, who live in Pittsburgh. 
>I could get a six pack, head to the garage and go sailing.  If I got good
>enough, I could start to race and maybe beat Townie.  
>Anyway, food for thought.
>Roger Kingsland
>Chief Financial Officer (AKA, check writer)
>Mahina Manu, A30 #148
>N40°  29.288'
>W79°  54.228'
>Author's Disclaimer; This email was produced exclusively by the sender and,
>in the interest of expediency, without the benefit of editing by others. 
>The sender, thank goodness, is a much better architect/sailor than
>speller/editor and, frankly, constantly laments an obvious flaw in "spell
>check," it does not know what the author is thinking.  Please accept the
>sender's sincere apologies for any "typos" that may appear in this
> If present, they are certainly unintended and hopefully do not cloud the
>message, or spawn any unnecessary lawsuits.

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