[Alberg30] Universal Diesel Power

Roger L. Kingsland rkingsland101 at ksba.com
Thu Sep 4 06:44:50 PDT 2003

Albergers (no fries);

I would like to get into the fray RE diesel engine power.

Mahina (#148) has a Universal 18 diesel which I believe develops 14 HP. (So why the heck didn't they call it the 14?  Life's mysteries abound.)    It has a 2 blade prop, automatic bleed (that I do not know how to work) and about 500 hours run time.  (Why don't engines ever walk?)

I have powered in calm seas in at 5 knots plus with fuel consumption under 1/2 gal per hour (11 gal tank).  I have also power sailed upwind successfully in 1 to 2 foot seas but have not been out in high winds and/or seas.  Can anyone with this motor report on it's performance in these conditions?  Any opinions on weather a three blade prop would strain the engine too much?  Does anyone know what stocks will appreciate over 30% in the next week? 

Roger Kingsland
Chief Financial Officer (AKA, check writer)
Mahina Manu, A30 #148
N40°  29.288'
W79°  54.228'
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