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> Sent the following on 8/28 but don't think it went out.  If so, apologize 
> for dupication.
> Pac NW, WA state:  Some of you may recall that this boat was for sale a 
> couple of years ago. We ultimately gave it to a local summer camp &, since then, 
> it has sat, completely neglected, in the local boat yard.  Fiinally, this 
> year, some committee decided they couldn't figure out how to use it in their 
> program & would sell it.  This is an amazing conclusion but there it is.  I wish 
> someone would offer them a very low price & give it the good home it 
> deserves.  Considering the complete neglect, that they got it free, winter's coming, 
> & the fact that they have to pay storage; I'd think someone could get a real 
> bargain.  It is at Islands Marine Center 360 468 3377 on Lopez Island.    
> Tom Green
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  We really need to find a home for this wonderful boat.  This is a shame 
that an Alberg 30 goes unwanted to rot away.  Sniff sniff. Boo hoo hoo.
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