[Alberg30] renaming

Patty Johnson patty5555 at webtv.net
Sun Sep 14 17:17:15 PDT 2003

Roger, you a nut!  But, I jest love the idea of the moving message
board..."Got Beer?"  "Big Boat Rule"(when racing, and someone is yelling
frantically, "Starboard!"  You yell, back, "Hold your course!"  And the
next thing they see is.."Big boat rule"   Now, I have nor would do that,
but, fun to think about...then the next moving message would
read..."Sucker!"  Truly, just kidding...I'm an overly kind racer, giving
room when I don't need too, mostly because I get timid!

I want to know the all time name you have!!!

Curious in Alabama,
Patty  #461
Next name?  "Surrounded by idiots"

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