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Roger L. Kingsland rkingsland101 at ksba.com
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Thanks for your boat name response and sorry about the slow reply.

Coffee, what coffee; should I drink coffee; is it good; does it hurt; how
long does it last?  Where is Maryland, why does Mary get her own state?  So
many questions; so few answers; so little time.  I need more coffeeeeee!

Great name for A30 #11 (happy 40th anniversary).  Much better than "Phoenix"
because it implies the boat and owners eagerness for every next performance,
not just one resurrection.

How is the restoration going?  My work on #148 is ongoing and ongoing and
ongoing.  I have a great parking space though.  Mahina sits on the trailer
next to and about 20 feet above the river.  With everything (including life
lines) off the deck, it is not an acrophobic friendly environment but I do
get to watch all the motor boaters drive around with their fenders out.  Me
thinks they thinks there is some law against taking them aboard while
underway.  Some even leave them out while their boats are on the hard for
the winter.  It seems to be effective, not one person was hurt last winter
by walking into a motor boat hull.  Unfortunately, there was some
"collateral damage," one guy got a nasty burse from hitting a rock hard,
frozen fender.


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> Roger,
> What kind of coffee do you drink and can you get it in Maryland?
> #US 11 Encore - a request from the audience for a repeat performance (for
> 1963 Alberg)
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