[Alberg30] New Main Sail

Brian and Elaine Timmins timmins at optonline.net
Mon Sep 29 16:55:53 PDT 2003

   As far as the number and length of battens are concerned, the sailmakers
will tell you what ever it takes to get you to buy their design du jour.
Short battens, Full Battens, 2 long two short battens, this year it seams
like one full batten is the style.
   My new UKAnnapolis sail a few years ago was 2full and 2 extended battens.
Last year they recommended one full and three extended for my Landfall
Cutter.(as did almost all the big name sailmakers).   I was tempted to go
battenless, but ended up going with 4 full length battens from Mack Sails
(in florida).  The most important part of full battens is to ensure that
there will be a strong "Battcar" at the inboard end with a good slippery
sail slide attached to it directly. A buddy of mine had a main reworked to
full battens and they put the slides between the battens. He has to struggle
to get his sail down even when it's luffing.
    As to reefs, get one to sail with over 18 knots (with a working jib or
small genoa), the second for use at 25 - 30 kts (with working or storm jib).
A third reef is an acceptable alternative to a storm trisail for normal use.
If your crossing oceans, get the trisail.

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