[Public-list] main halyard led aft

Peter Hay phay at netcom.ca
Tue Jun 1 06:25:18 PDT 2004

  Hi Tim:
  My main halyard is led aft.  I use a turning block fastened to the mast at
doghouse level and then run across to a redirector on the corner of the
doghouse and then to a clutch forward of the #10 winch.  Use a redirector
rather than an eye.  I replaced the eye when I bought the boat and it
decreased the friction immensely.  Mike is correct about increased friction
particularly during the last two feet going up.  Occasionally I'll keep a
winch handle on the #10 if I am feeling lazy.  I have never tripped on the
line as I never cross it.

  Another possible problem occurs when you must go forward to deal with a
problem.  I have to release the clutch before going forward and hold on to
the line as I go forward to keep the sail from collapsing.  It only happens
occasionally but it is another consideration.

  Since I am a cruiser I find that the line led aft has more advantages than
being at the mast.  Trying to raise the sail in rough conditions is easier
from the cockpit.

  Rubicon #384

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