[Public-list] still agonizing over non slip

Roger L. Kingsland rkingsland101 at ksba.com
Wed Jun 2 08:00:43 PDT 2004


Thanks for the valuable feedback RE my paint for PERFECT (or perfect paint).
Gord, your point RE not routing the deck is logical and, given that and
Bill's feedback RE problems w/ Treadmaster, that idea has been thrown
overboard.  One bright side of investigating Treadmaster is the "sand"
colored sample they sent me is ideal for the my non slip color.  It is more
like a mushroom color and goes well with white (cabin sides) and medium dark
blue (hull).

Stephen Sousa wrote back in March about Tom Fabula (great name, eh) and his
epoxy paint.  I have several conversations with him and am very impressed
(he personally answers the phone until 10:00 PM).  Seems there are
advantages to epoxy in terms of durability and reparability.  I plan to use
the West System recommendation for "epoxy bonding" of deck hardware and, w/
epoxy paint, I can paint first rather than having to paint around the deck
fittings.  For non slip (Tom calls it, "none slip") he suggests a mixture of
coarse (grey in color) and fine (white) non slip additive (each made by
different manufactures) for the deck and just fine for the cockpit seats.
Also said additional coats over original non slip layer will help prevent
wear thru and, if it occurs, just paint again.  Gord, I will ask him about
walnut shells which I now recall you mentioning some time ago.  (Was that
along with Coffee Mate for an epoxy thickener?)

C. B., painting tips most useful, particularly the sanding between coats.  I
have filled in ALL holes above water line except cockpit inspection port and
exhaust /bilge pump outlets and am concerned my patches (vents, deck
fillers, head cowl vent, compass "box," engine gauges, etc.) will read
through.  After about 12 (actually, I lost count some time ago) applications
of epoxy, the deck is too dirty to tell visually if patched surfaces are
smooth.  I hope, by sanding the base coat, I will be better able to identify
spots needing more faring.  I thought of using a darker color so I could
better identify low spots.

Don and Roland, Sikkens The Sani-Tread look intriguing but, for now, I am
leaning toward Fabula's epoxy application. It's time to you know what or get
off the pot.

Lastly, Mike, it's nice to know you consider me so open minded (read, nuts)
to recommend I install truck bed liner on my deck.  I even visited their
site and gave it serious consideration.  It then occurred to me that, if we
ever do get to join an A30 raft-up, I might receive unsolicited suggestions
for new names for #148.  Names like,  Chord Wood or Mulch or P-Gravel.  Plus
everyone would always be asking to borrow my boat on moving day.

Thanks again everyone for the great feedback.  A am jazzed about finally
getting to the paint job.

Roger Kingsland
Chief Boat Boy
"PERFECT intentions,"  A30 #148
on the hard at N40° 33.945' W79° 51.260'

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> I don't know if anyone on the list has tried this product for a non skid
> http://www.sanitred.com/
> I came across this looking for a rubber paint coating - like the stuff
used on
> all weather running tracks.
> I bought their sample kit and 1 lb. of rubber granules - I'll be
> with it over the summer.
> If this stuff actully does what they claim it will, it should make a good
> non-skid
> coating - but then - if all products did what the manufactures claimed, it
> be amazing.
> Roland Davidson
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