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Roger L. Kingsland rkingsland101 at ksba.com
Wed Jun 2 08:54:40 PDT 2004


Some time ago, during my exocentric phase, I floated the idea of converting
the rhode locker to an anchor well by adding a triangular hatch between the
bow plate and bow cleats (of course, I also suggested a Crow's Nest on the
main mast; but, contrary to popular opinion, I was not the one who suggested
a retractable keel).  Seems to me it could solve allot of problems.

I have spent some time wedged in this area and there is gobs of room, if you
are an anchor.  The "floor" could be raised and curved to holes on each side
of the hull for drainage.  Cleats best moved to adjacent to toe rail.  Even
though this area resists the tension load from the head stay, the necessary
structural reinforcing could easily be incorporated into the hatch frame.
The hatch could be wood (adding a nice "spot of tradition" forward)  or
fiberglass and, thanks to the holes, would not have to be completely water

1) The hatch could be hinged on one side or at the aft end.
2) If vent holes are cut in bulkhead to the forward cabin, aft hinge could
work as wind scoop but without rain worries.
3) Muddy anchor could be lowered directly into locker and washed down there
rather than on deck.
4) Anchor could be fastened to inside of  hatch to avoid entanglement w/
5) Small kids could serve their "time-outs" there (hatch closed if they
really bad).
6) Open hatch will make good air brake or water scoop in a seaway.

This is such a good idea, I think I will go to the boat tonight and cut a
big hole in the fore deck or, instead, have a big scotch and think about it
a little more.

Where there is a will, there is three times the amount of time you thought
it would take.

Roger Kingsland
Chief Boat Boy
PERFECT intentions, A30 #148
on the hard at N40° 33.945' W79° 51.260'

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speller/editor and, frankly, constantly laments an obvious flaw in "spell
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> I like the pulpit as a place to stow the anchor and keep it safely
> convenient, but I haven't seen an off-the-shelf securing system that I
> trust. I lash it to the pulpit and have a second smaller anchor secured in
> chocks on the deck. I think carrying a heavy anchor forward is a
> risk to boat and crew under some conditions, and even if it is stowed aft,
> it should be securely lashed or clamped down.
> Mike
> Rinn Duin #272
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> Hi there -
> I agree...with regards to safety and sailing performance the pulpit option
> has everything going against it with only handy access for anchoring being
> for it.  I recall hearing a story about a boat that while pitching in a
> sea tossed its anchor back into the cockpit.
> Gord #426 Surprise
> > John,
> >
> > I would not recommend a bow pulpit anchor mounting system.  I have a
> > nice Danforth laying in about 250 feet of water between Grand and
> > Williams islands in Lake Superior.
> >
> > Brian Zinser
> > Manana #134
> >
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> >
> > I sailed Jante II # 150 back from Ashtabula, Ohio to Detroit this past
> > week.  The weather was pretty crappy and some large seas built up in
> > Lake Erie.  I was hoping to see some Alberg owners at Port Clinton, but
> > the west winds took us on a long northwesterly tack up to the Canadian
> > shore.
> >
> > My major lesson learned was that my new pulpit anchor mounting system is
> > not trustworthy.  Repeated plunging of the bow set the anchor free.  I
> > had tied the anchor chain off so we did not come to a screeching halt,
> > but the result was three or four minutes of the anchor banging against
> > the bow before I could harness up and retrieve it.  In the future I will
> > always tie off the anchor to the top of the pulpit.
> >
> > The good side of the trip was the refurbished sails that I rigged from
> > sailcare.  These were original sails from 1966 (a storm jib and jib) and
> > they performed and looked like new after the rework.  I highly recommend
> > the use of that company to those who do not wish to purchase new sails.
> > http://www.sailcare.com/
> >
> > John Manza
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