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4. Any input on the size of packing gland / hose size etc?

I believe the stuffing box hose is 1-1/4" [actually it may be 1-1/4" on one 
end and 1-1/2" on the other] - maybe someone else on the list can confirm 
this? Anyway - I remember that it is not a common size and is difficult to 
find a replacement.

Mike Lehman
"Gilleleje" #505

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1. A friend who has a Pearson Vanguard used Awlgrip covered  with sand --
vacums the next day what is left is course but you can still walk without
getting blisters on your feet and it looks pretty good---you may want to
try off the boat to get the hang of it -- but his looks good.

2. I have a VDO I was going to pull off next time I pull the boat out --
what is it worth? -- I didn't know you could still get parts-- how big of a
hole would I need to plug if I pull off the VDO propeller?

3. I have my main and jib halyards brought back which are hard to get up so
I usually go forward -- mainly I use it to let the main down when I'm out
singlehanded. I also have a downhaul rigged to my jib.

4. Any input on the size of packing gland / hose size etc?

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