[Public-list] Sink Pump Priming

Jay Davenport jay at saildriver.com
Wed Jun 9 18:07:03 PDT 2004

Your pump may simply need priming. Most of these pumps are easy to prime. Unscrew the nut around the metal spigot, where it joins the plastic body of the pump. Pull the spigot straight up to remove from the body. Now pour water into the body. Replace the spigot and tighten the nut. Now when you pump, it should be primed. 
Jay Davenport
Revolution, A30 #526

Peter Amos <p.a.amos at tesco.net> wrote:
If you removed hoses from filter and pump and transposed them when
reconnecting that may do it as I know from personal experience.
Peter Amos
Tait Tait #478

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