[Public-list] water tank

George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at alberg30.org
Fri Jun 11 06:03:11 PDT 2004

If your tank is original, I believe you'll find that it's formed by the
hull and a fiberglass bulkhead, with an aluminum top pop-riveted on.
The aluminum corrodes and the pop-rivets leak.

A flexible tank will certainly wear through much sooner than even the
original tank took to leak.  I would just replace the top of the
original tank with something other than raw aluminum and pop-rivets.
While you're at it, coating the inside of the tank with epoxy is a good
idea, too.

 - George

On Thu, Jun 10, 2004 at 12:59:32PM -0400, hdoliner at kwplaw.com wrote:
> Hi All,
> My water tank (I believe it's original equipment) appears to be 
> leaking due to corrosion; the water towards the bottom was rusty 
> w/metal flakes.  Has anybody had experience with cutting away the 
> top of the metal tank and inserting a (Plastimo) Flexible Water Tank 
> inside it?  Would the flexible tank move around too much inside the 
> fixed tank so as to abrade away or to break hose connections?  If 
> so, what's the best way to secure it?  Any alternatives to this kind 
> of fix?  I'd like to avoid the expense and losing more space involved 
> in completely removing the old tank.  
> Thanks, 
> Harlan Doliner, "Evergreen"  #489


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