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C.B. Currier cbcurrier at spinrx.com
Fri Jun 18 03:27:31 PDT 2004


How are your forward RPMs? Are they decreased?

As far as I understand there is a nut for adjusting the reverse friction
but for decreased RPMs it should not be the issue. You pretty much have to
"un Glue" the motor in order to screw up the reversing gear.

I would suggest looking into other issues first. SO to do that, are your
forward RPMs decreased? Can you rev up as high in neutral as you can in
forward and reverse? If not then do a compression test on the motor to see
that all there is well.

Also catch up with don moyer at moyermarine.com he is the source for the
best advice. But try to answer those questions first.

C.B. Currier
Infinity #57
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Gordon Laco said:
> Hello there -
> I was running my Atomic IV in reverse at fairly high rpm for a few seconds
> the other day to clear weeds from the prop...now I suspect that I do not
> have the same level of power in reverse that I seemed to have before...is
> it
> possible that I have damages something?
> Gord
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