[Public-list] Purpose of "frame" for boat cover?

John Irving a30blueteal at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 17:02:13 PST 2004

I use a similar system (mast as the ridge pole) on one of my boats
that still has its original gel coat. It works great. However, my A30
has Awlgrip on the topsides, so I built a frame to keep the winter
cover from rubbing on the boat. The frame I built also leaves
sufficient headroom to work on the boat during the Spring and Fall.

Blue Teal #284

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 18:26:56 -0800, Daniel Sternglass <dans at stmktg.com> wrote:
> Hi A30 people,
> I've stored my A-30 with overlapped canvas tarps draped over the mast
> and tied, with the mast held up by the crutches, during the last 20 or
> so winters here. Here in Ihaca, NY it snows a *lot*. Other than removing
> the spreaders and making sure the hatch drains are clear (important! --
> to keep water out of the bilge), I rely on the aft crutch being maybe 2'
> taller than the forward crutch, and a good center support. It's proven
> to be steep enogh to keep most of the snow and ice off. Never found the
> need for a frame.
> Is the purpose of the frame mainly to allow one to work on the boat
> while it is under cover?
> Thanks,
> Dan S.
> dans at stmktg.com
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