[Public-list] Off-topic: a "Jim Roberts" sailboat, 26 feet long, fin keel, 7' 2 " draft - ring any bells?

John Kennedy John.Kennedy at gov.ab.ca
Thu Nov 25 06:42:29 PST 2004

I was reading "WoodenBoat" on the bus home last night and got into
conversation with a man I've ridden with for some time but never talked to.
Turns out he is storing a 26' long sailboat that a 67-year-old friend of his
bought to complete over 20 years ago, but never finished. Fibreglass hull,
inboard diesel, heavy construction.

I can't figure out what sort of boat it might be.

He says it's a "Jim Roberts" design, and swears the fin keel has a draft of
7' 2".  Since this man is a carpenter, I figure he can read a measuring
tape, but wonder if he's confused over what "draft" is.

I couldn't find a "Jim Roberts" designer on the internet last night, and all
the Bruce Roberts designs in that length don't draw 7' 2"!!

Has anyone ever heard of a boat like this?  It's about 30 km away from my
home, so I haven't seen it - yet!


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