[Public-list] winch handle for original mast winch

Brian and Elaine Timmins timmins at optonline.net
Wed Nov 3 17:06:59 PST 2004

Difficult maybe, irreplaceable? No.
You'll need the dimensions of the old handle (tough to get I guess) or the
dimensions of the slot in the winch. Post them to the group, and check any
consignment / used gear stores near you. Are you in or near Annapolis? Try
Good Luck,
Brian   ex#497
> >
> > I am crewing on an Alberg 30 whose main halyard uses one of the original
> > winches located
> > on the mast itself. While raising the main the other day the winch
handle, old
> > but
> > hopefully not irriplacable, flew out of its pocket and into the sea.
> > anyone know of
> > anyway I can replace this for my captain???
> >


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