[Public-list] mast compression

George Dinwiddie gdinwiddie at alberg30.org
Tue Nov 9 06:39:22 PST 2004


It sounds like you're talking about deck compression.  I was thinking
about this, and think that Coosa board (Is that how it's spelled, Mike?)
would be a good core material under the mast step.  It's a
foam-and-glass plywood replacement--light and rigid.

 - George

On Mon, Nov 08, 2004 at 11:48:45PM -0600, Patty J wrote:
> George,
> There is a definate compression.  Though, since  I've had the boat
> nearly two years I haven't noticed any difference in the compression
> from the time I bought the boat.  The mast is leaning aft just enough to
> allow me to outpoint the J27's!  However, I think the previous owner did
> some repairs as there is a big spot just below the mast in the cabin
> where it looks like they cored it out and did something, but I'm not
> sure what they did.  On deck, there is evidence of indentation of the
> mast.  I have been fine with the boat and it's performance.  However,
> it's my rigger who is concerned.  He's afraid to tighten the shrouds and
> says I shouldn't even sail it as it is, saying that I could lose my mast
> at the spreaders if I crash upon a good wave.  I find this hard to
> believe as I just returned from a fast race in 20k winds and the mast
> was very stable.  
> So, you are saying that the arch thing will not work on my boat.
> Shucks!  It sure seems a lot easier than taking the mast down and
> glassing in everything.
> Thanks for the input,
> Patty
> Timbuktu #461
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