[Public-list] Anyone looking for a project?

Mike Lehman sail_505 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 9 07:41:30 PST 2004

Mike Lehman

Wow! I am confused

so let's see...

Villo has 641 (ZWB 6410579) [Hull # + Month + Year] with the new numbering 

then Jack has 618 which would be (ZWB 618??77 or 78) if the new numbering 
system were used

In either case, if you are asking about builders plates, they only have room 
for 7 digits. Which would look some thing like 3079641 for Villo's boat.

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From: Jack Vanderloo <jvdloo at sympatico.ca>
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Subject: Re: [Public-list] Anyone looking for a project?
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 2004 10:15:50 -0500

Ahoy Villo:

La confusion, c'est moi!
I have hull number 618 with sail number KC641.
When Whitby originally laid up hull number 618 in late 1977, early 1978, 
there were minor aesthetic flaws in gelcoat colouration, i.e., splotches.  I 
suspect strongly that they held off and commissioned her (hull 618) much 
later - immediately after hull/sail KC640 - and gave your hull 641, sail 
number KC618 in May 1979, ergo the ZWB 6410579.
The gelcoat defects have never bothered me as I Awlgripped hull 618 when I 
bought her in early 1993.
Hope this helps.

Jack Vanderloo
Aldabi KC641

Villo Marmei wrote:

>Hi Mike.....
>I have this funny situation....My hull plate and transom stamp reads ZWB30 
>64105 79 and my sail number is KC-618. That is...hull number 641 and sail 
>number 618. Someone else here must have hull 618 and sails 641.
>Another question ??? What should I call myself ??? KC641 or KC618 ??? Go 
>figure ???
>Take care Villo
>At 01:14 PM 10/18/2004, you wrote:
>>Often hull number and sail number become confused, because a sail can 
>>change hands many times. Whitby did make boats with the smae hull number 
>>for the first couple of years: 1 for Canada and the other fro the US 
>>market. The sails indicated US22 or KC22. This practiced stopped around 
>>hull #26 [I think] maybe some old-timers can help to determine when this 
>>practice was stopped. I do not beleive there are 2 boats with #306 
>>              Mike Lehman
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>>From: Michael Connolly <crufone at sbcglobal.net>
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>>Subject: Re: [Public-list] Anyone looking for a project?
>>Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 11:07:05 -0700 (PDT)
>>One the list is hull# 306 in Grenada and now we have this boat Down East 
>>with hull # 306.
>>Did Whitby ever make two boats with the same hull# ?  Does someone have 
>>the scoop on this?
>>FINNUS505 at aol.com wrote:
>>Hello my Alberg 30 Friends,
>>Looking through the local paper I saw an ad for an Alberg 30, priced 3200
>>bucks. Rona and I had to go see it.
>>1968 hull # 306 had some back luck 15 years ago. She was docked next to a
>>motor boat that caught fire. 306 had significant damage to her cabin trunk 
>>cabin interior. The deck and topsides on the port side were blistered from 
>>heat. But she had a new Westerbeke diesel installed just three months
>>before, so her current owner, a marine surveyer, bought her from the 
>>He began to reconstruct the cabin trunk. From what I saw yesterday, it was 
>>good effort. But he stopped before he did the finishing work, cut out for 
>>doghouse ports or the main companion in the way of the cabin top, or
>>re-installed the forward ports, and the boat has sat open like this for 
>>the past 10
>>years. There is a garden growing in the cockpit. The port toe rail is off, 
>>are both cockpit coamings. The for-hatch is in place, but coming apart at
>>the seams; same for the aft-hatch. The cockpit locker hatch covers are
>>weathered, but have very minor delamination of the seams, and are still 
>>The drain plug was out, so she did not fill with water, but the interior 
>>the boat is shot, from fire and smoke damage, and exposure all these 
>>The engine does not appear to have been in direct contact with rain or 
>>but it has alot of superficial rust. I don't know how the alternator or
>>starter, etc, could not have been affected.
>>The owner says he has all the boat's gear, but they were at a different
>>location, and I didn't go to see them.
>>No doubt she looks pretty sad right now. Like finding an Opera Diva after 
>>tragic amnesiatic car accident in a homeless shelter. But even with moldy,
>>mildewed, generic wrecks to either side, weeds below, tree branches 
>>just above, still her classic Alberg lines are undiminished. The guy is 
>>3200, but I got the distinct impression he is tired of having her sitting
>>around, and would be glad to see her go at any price. He 'threatened' that 
>>he was
>>going to pull the engine out to sell, and bulldoze the hull.
>>For someone who wants an Alberg 30 with a Westerbeke, both needing a lot 
>>work, but both high on the potential list, this is worth a look. I hate to 
>>her lost. Pass the word around amongst your wharf-rat friends.............
>>The boat is in Seekonk, Mass, which is about an hour Southwest of Boston 
>>a half hour or so North from Newport, RI. Seller's cell # is 774-991-1636
>>Lee and Rona Trachtenberg
>>Stargazer #255
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