[Public-list] That brown goo from weeping blisters

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I have had some of the brown stuff up in the curves of my cabin as well.  I
think that it is nicotine from old cigarette smoke - at least that is what I
decided it was in mine.  I have the same stuff in my house especially in the
bathroom (where the humidity is high) that did the same thing - started to
oooz out of the paint.  The brown stuff is a sticky, gummy semi-liquid
substance that when you smell it has the faint odour of old ciggies.  I plan
to sand my inner cabin paint then use several good washes of TSP to get rid
of it.  That is what worked in my bathroom at home.

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I noticed last week on the discussion "Water in the keel cavity", that one
of the pictures showed a blister weeping a brownish liquid, possibly a resin
On the inside of my cabin, the curves portions where the sides meet the top,
I have many small paint blisters also weeping a brownish liquid. This only
happens when the condensation level is high inside the boat.
I hope that this is the result of the previous owner using inferior paint,
but I wonder if it has anything to do with the fiberglass resin breaking
down, as this winter is slotted for a complete interior refinish.
I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas on this before I get started.
Alan Slater
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