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Jonathan Whittingham whittle at shaw.ca
Fri Sep 3 11:25:48 PDT 2004

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Subject: Fuelpump springs

Dear listers,
               I recently acquired a fuel pump rebuild kit for my Atomic4 installed in a 30 ft Alberg. One of the pump springs is blue and one is grey. The blue one is shorter than the other. According to my reading the re-placement of these springs affects the pumping pressure, the information stating that the Alberg installed engine should have the weaker pressure setting. My problem is that I diassembled the pump prior to acquiring this knowledge and the two springs that came out of the pump are apparently identical. Does anyone know what the correct placing of these new springs is? Also the kit came with a single fibre washer, about 1/2 inch diameter and perhaps 1/8 to 3/16s inch thick. It does fit on the pump diaphragm shaft but I dont see the point. Is it supposed to fit on the bail that holds the filter cup in place? All responses gratefully received. Thanks in advance Jonathan Whittingham.

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