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John Brugeman johnbrugeman at ameritech.net
Sat Sep 4 03:55:44 PDT 2004


I put a 3 bladed prop on my 68 Alberg 2 years ago; the one made by Indigo
Electronics Inc. out of VA,  and it made a world of difference for several
reasons.  Backing out of a berth has been made much easier.  I still have
some prop walk but not near as much as with the old two blade prop.  Pulling
into a berth has been much easier since she will stop much quicker.  I
haven't banged the bow against the dock yet.  Also when motoring I can move
at around 5 or 51/2 kts sometimes 6 at about 1900-20000 rpms.  You can also
motor at greater rpms with less torch on the shaft and prop. It's much
easier on the old engine.

John Brugeman
Mermaid #305
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> >At comfortable cruising rpms, (1800), we are
> >only getting 3.5 to 3.75 kts, with little control during >dockside
> One could probably get an Alberg 30 up to 4 knots with an oar if you allow
> enough time for acceleration. I'm thinking barnacles on your propellor.
> backing down to stop forward motion, you are probably better off with a 3
> blade wheel. Predictable, controlled backing? I've never been able to do
> Michael Grosh
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