[Public-list] Re: new fuel tank

Manza, John LtCol manzaj at tacom.army.mil
Tue Sep 7 11:57:41 PDT 2004

I just pulled and replaced the fuel tank in my A30 two weeks ago.  The
old tank was an aluminum tank, shaped to fit in the locker.  The tank
was weeping gas from out of the fuel line fitting, giving my boat a
constant gasoline smell when the tank was full and giving my wife the
feeling that we were going to blow up.  I installed a plastic tank that
I purchased from off the shelf at Boat US.  They had numerous sizes and
shapes and ranged from around 8 gallons to 20.  I purchased an 11 gallon
tank for about $150.00 US.  The tank came with a sending unit built in
and it also came with an install kit that included a new deck fitting,
pipe, vent and hose.  The tank sits in the starboard locker on two
supports and a sheet of marine plywood cut to fit the shape of the tank.
The tank was fabricated with indents for two straps to hold it in place.
I like the placement of the new tank because I am able to inspect four
of the sides and if required I can pull it myself.  John Manza, "Jante
II," #150     

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