[Public-list] RE: ELECTRIC DRIVE

Manza, John LtCol manzaj at tacom.army.mil
Tue Sep 14 09:16:14 PDT 2004

The manufacturer sent me an estimate based on the size, shape and weight of an A30.  He recommends an an OZtwin motor, a battery pack (8 pcs of Leoch fiber battery, 110 Ah each) that will provide 4 knots cruising speed with about 8 hours range. Full speed will be approximately 6½ knots and the range will be about 1 hour.  Recharging is while underway (at a slow rate) or more rapidly while plugged into shore power at the dock.  The performance is not great, but it is the cost that really puts this option out of the box.  The cost of the total system is about $7,000.00 US.  John Manza

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