[Public-list] Lexan or Acrylic ?

David Timmins dtimmins at alberg.ca
Thu Sep 23 09:13:47 PDT 2004

Hi Guys.
We are having a great debate regarding the best material for port-light
replacement on the Alberg 22 Newsgroup.
Some say Lexan, some, including me, say Acrylic.
I redid my port-lights using 3/8" Acrylic 5 years ago and here are my 
for choosing this material.
For it's great strength, I considered using Lexan for my port-lights on 
Elusive, but
decided against it for the following reasons.
1) Alberg 22 ports do not cover a large in area so the high strength
     of Lexan is of less importance
2) Lexan does scratch easier than Acrylic.
3) Scratches that do occur in Acrylic can be polished out.
4) Lexan has a limited life in the sun and will yellow, yellowed Acrylic
      can be rejuvenated.
Some AL22 have have their port-lights mounted on the outside of the
cabin sides, without bezels. I would be more inclined to use Lexan in 
these cases.
Lexan drills very well as opposed to Acrylic which chips easily and  
will usually
crack at the drill hole.
Anyone want to jump in on this?

David Timmins
Elusive, AL 22

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