[Public-list] friendship weekend

dan walker dsailormon at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 29 06:51:23 PDT 2004

ok, i know everyone on the Chesapeake is/was wondering if i made it home.... ok, maybe mike's cat was wondering. 
anyway, i wanted to thank all the wonderful folks who let  a moron on their boat(s), sleep in their home, teach me things, and not tell me what a moron i am.
some random thoughts from the weekend.
next time  i will take a sailboat whenever i want to get around, seems to be faster than by car.
the Dickerson and the Hinkley are great boats to drink rum on(that was after the weekend)
living up a creek with a dock is next to heaven i think.
i think that that was the USS elrod, an oliver hazard perry class frigate
Canadians are a good group of people
and i really wonder where my pants went to
rascal 145

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