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You're right in that a mock up needs to be made to be sure that it does
not interfere with the mainsheet. It does appear however (on mine at
least) that it clears the mainsheet. I was originally considering it a
little further aft but there it did interfere.

"Oddyseus" #170

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As far as the cradle is concerned, because I never use a spinnaker (that
may be a little strange but then I might be also, or so some have
implied) I am thinking of mounting the base of the cradle on the bases
of the aft winches and just doing away with them for the time being. No
point in having them there if I never use them. This also eliminates the
need to mount anything to the deck; I don't like drilling holes in my
boat if I don't have to.

I'll let you know when I get the lights out. 


James Schueler
"Oddyseus" #170


I also have considered the installation of a permanent boom gallows
(cradle), but I think a permanent boom gallows mounted on the after
winch pedestals may interfere with the mainsheet which attaches to the
aft end of the boom and to a traveler at the aft end of the cockpit.  It
would also limit standing movement in the cockpit.  You will have to do
a mockup to see if it could be placed there.  It may be possible to put
a permanent boom gallows just forward of the traveler where it would
probably not foul the mainsheet. I think the other possible location for
a permanent boom gallows is on the after end of the cabin.  There,
however, it might interfere with a dodger. It may be possible to
incorporate it into a dodger or bimini design.  You might also consider
a removable boom crutch that would set in a bracket attached to the aft
end of the cockpit.

Ross Horton
Delphi #40

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