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I don't know Armada, but my experience of Cetol is that the colour indeed is 
a bit odd.  It ends up a rather artificial orange, ok in strong light from a 
distance, but probably not too good for the interior where you'll have to 
look at it.

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>Honey Teak will make a beatiful glossy floor. Don't use it unless you like
>slipping. (just my opinion)
>Both Cetol and Armada make similar wood finish that is similar in appearace
>to varnish, but much easier to do and maintain. My choice is Armada (I like
>the look better).
>Brian ex#497
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>I can not advise  on your sole, but I can tell you that I used MinWax fast
>drying varnish with great results - some cleaning and sanding and 3 or 4
>coats made a great difference. When I asked about this last spring Mike L.
>suggested this solution for the interior. He was right on target.
> >>> rkingsland101 at ksba.com 9/7/2004 8:54:52 AM >>>
>I am getting dangerously close to painting interior, deck and topsides of
>#148 and yesterday I sanded the cabin sloe.  Can I please have some advice
>on how to finish it? The sanding dust is pretty red which leads me to
>believe it is red mahogany (probably not cherry?).  Does anyone know what
>wood Whitby used for the sole in 1966?
>Thinking it was teak, I have thought of oiling it but now wonder if I 
>try a varnish type finish.   Is "Cetol" the stuff that is like varnish but
>easier to apply (I think it comes in a semi gloss type finish which might 
>good to hide scratches).  Also, I got my hull paint from Signature Finish
>(thanks George for reccommending them) and they sell Honey Teak.  Has 
>tried this?  Lastly,  I was messing around with some epoxy and managed get 
>thin coat on 4" of one of the diagonal braces on the head side of the main
>bulkhead.  It looked pretty good.  I know epoxy doesn't hold up in sunlight
>but is it feasible to use as a finish below?
>Roger Kingsland
>Chief Boat Boy
>PERFECT intentions, A30 #148
>on the hard at N40° 33.945' W79° 51.260'
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>check," it does not know what the author is thinking.  Please accept the
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