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As an experiment, I put Varathane on the removable sections of the cabin
sole this winter.
It's a water-soluble, quick drying, almost clear interior floor finish that
tolerates traffic and water very well. I have used it on several floors in
houses and found the application easy and wear resistance excellent.  As the
sole sees almost no sun, I saw no reason not to use it.

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One of my friends has a "varnish" for the sole that shines like varnish
but has grit in it which works but is "invisible." It could be the best
of both world  - shine and grit. I am going to forward this e-mail to
him and ask him if he would share what he did.

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I am really glad to hear about the lighter version of Cetol.  I used 
Cetol when it was only advertised for porch decks and houses.  Then the

marine version.  I finally took it all off and went to Armada because
the dark color.  But Armada doesn't last very long and the Armada 2000

only lasted about 1 MONTH.  Mother Naure seems to have removed what was

left of the Armada in the past year and I plan to go back to Cetol. 
I can try the light version.

On the interior I wash it down with a weak solution of clorox and
  Then I use Formby's Lemon Oil.  We have never had any mold/mildew and

the inside wood looks pretty good except where we had leaks.

I would really hesitate to put Armada, Cetol or varnish on the cabin 
sole.  You certainly don't want a slick surface at the bottom of the 
companionway where there might be water. How about a polyurethane floor


Gail Dinwiddie
Calypso #543

Dave Terrell wrote:

> There is a "light" version of cetol that has less pigment. I use it
on the bright work - looks ok in sunlight. 

> I don't know Armada, but my experience of Cetol is that the colour
indeed is 
> a bit odd.  It ends up a rather artificial orange, ok in strong light
from a 
> distance, but probably not too good for the interior where you'll
have to 
> look at it.

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