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Jerry Williams JWILLIAMS at message.nmc.edu
Fri Sep 10 09:18:00 PDT 2004

Hi Guys, Dave Terrell asked me to give you the information on "Ultimate
Sole" a high gloss varnish that is not slippery.  I have put four coats
on the sole of my Islander-28 and I am very pleased with the results. 
It is very easy to work with if you follow the directions.  the web page
is www.ultimatesole.com and you can order online.  If you have any other
questions after you have read the information on the web page you can
contact me at jwilliams at nmc.edu.  Thanks Jerry

>>> gdemoss at alberg30.org 9/9/2004 11:04:00 AM >>>

I am really glad to hear about the lighter version of Cetol.  I used 
Cetol when it was only advertised for porch decks and houses.  Then the

marine version.  I finally took it all off and went to Armada because
the dark color.  But Armada doesn't last very long and the Armada 2000

only lasted about 1 MONTH.  Mother Naure seems to have removed what was

left of the Armada in the past year and I plan to go back to Cetol. 
I can try the light version.

On the interior I wash it down with a weak solution of clorox and
  Then I use Formby's Lemon Oil.  We have never had any mold/mildew and

the inside wood looks pretty good except where we had leaks.

I would really hesitate to put Armada, Cetol or varnish on the cabin 
sole.  You certainly don't want a slick surface at the bottom of the 
companionway where there might be water. How about a polyurethane floor


Gail Dinwiddie
Calypso #543

Dave Terrell wrote:

> There is a "light" version of cetol that has less pigment. I use it
on the bright work - looks ok in sunlight. 

> I don't know Armada, but my experience of Cetol is that the colour
indeed is 
> a bit odd.  It ends up a rather artificial orange, ok in strong light
from a 
> distance, but probably not too good for the interior where you'll
have to 
> look at it.

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