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Brian and Elaine Timmins timmins at optonline.net
Fri Sep 10 11:45:40 PDT 2004

  I've been doing Teak finishing all season on my Landfall 39 cutter (lots
of wood trim) and using Armada. On the first coat, I add in a little
"Penetrol" to aid in penetration and drying. First coat dries overnight, as
do the second and third coats applied full strength.
  As with Cetol, next year it will be a wipe down with a purple scotch brite
pad and one coat (annual maintenance coat).
  I also get lots of compliments on the finished wood. I think it's the
"plastic Clorox Bottle boat" owners that mention it most. I actually get
strangers coming by my boat and posing for pictures!
  I used Armada on my Alberg 30 while I owned her. Annual maintenance coat
took about two days total (not full days). I always got compliments on her
as well. Traditional designs, maintained reasonably are always beautiful.
Brian  ex#497
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> I have tried Armada, but could not get it to set up. Even in the house in
> the winter at room temperature and no humidity it would take a week to
> Cetol on the other hand............
> I have been putting on 3 coats of cetol light, followed by 4 coats of
> gloss. I get lots of compliments at the Marina, makes all the work worth
> while.
> Bill
> SallyB #441
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> I heard about 6 years ago that these two guys invented cetol, then had a
> ado and split.  Armada was then introduced by one of those two guys and
> supposedly is the same product.
> Patty
> Timbuktu 461
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