[Public-list] Lexan or Acrylic ?

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Thu Sep 23 14:47:20 PDT 2004

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I bought  4 - 12" x 24" smoked sheets of plastic from Canal Plastics 
Center. I am  very satisfied with the results, however, I have no idea if 
they were  Acrylic or Lexan, however, the owner of this place has a 
sailboat and knew  what to recommend to me. I think each sheet at the 
time was $14 and they  arrived the next day. This place was recommended 
to me by another sailor  who had done similar work. Seems like the 
product I bought had some UV  resistance if that makes a difference with 
the smoked tint.

Canal  Plastics Center
345 Canal Street
New York, NY 10013
(212)  925-1032
(212) 431-5901 (fax)

Bill Blevins
Sabrina  #158

Ah, Canal Plastics.............brings back one of the nice memories of NYC  
when I lived there, before moving to Fairhaven, MA.  All those stores on  Canal 
Street; electronics, tools, supplies, duct tape.........you never   knew what 
you would find.
I found cutting regular plastic always a chore as you could not let the jig  
saw blade get too hot, or the plastic melted, and then quickly reformed on the 
Stargazer #255


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