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Randy Katz randyk at bertschi.org
Tue Dec 13 15:50:55 PST 2005

    I've not a lot of info about the Gulf Island 29, only to say that I saw
one a couple years back in Nanaimo and was impressed.
    The owner (from Vancouver) gave us a tour--  really similar layout,
though there were some things I liked more about his boat-- it seemed of
more sturdy construction (this is an impression)...  I recall the toe rails
were a bit higher than A-30s, which seemed useful for ocean sailing.
    I'd go for it if it checks out and the price is right.
    Plus, there may be an advantage buying in Canada (the exchange rate),
but what about taxes and duties when bringing it to the US and registering?
I don't know.
Randy Katz
#249  Seattle/Bham

    Charles-- give a call if you want to see my boat in Bellingham sometime.
206 323-1941

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About to purchace 1968 Gulf Island 29 Derek Cove Design, Chine Boatyard, N.
Vancouver BC.(1959-1969) Very much like Alberg 30, Pearson Triton, Any
information/ history would be helpfull. Thank You. jcarey26048 at msn.com
(Edmonds WA.)

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