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Robert Kirk isobar at bcpl.net
Mon Dec 5 19:39:13 PST 2005

Lee & Bob... Thanks for asking about the pump.  I bought it at the boat 
show about 15 years ago from a guy who was importing them from Norway. He's 
no longer around but  the following web site has them (and a good description):


She also has a sub-distributor around Cape Cod.

The pump has been great for me. It's an hydraulic piston the size of a 
small bicycle pump with a moving float, hung over the fantail, with  a 
suction tube running thru the lazarette down to the bilge. Wave action on 
the styrofoam float pumps the piston which sucks the water from the bilge. 
Absolutely reliable and keeps the bilges dry. Obviously it won't work in a 
quiet protected anchorage as I was reminded during the fall cruise when we 
woke in Harrison's Marina with water to the bottom of the batteries from 
blown packing. But my normal mooring off the Severn gets plenty of wave 
action to keep the pump pleasantly perking.

This reminds me to finally buy a replacement. The basic piston is fine but 
the bail is wearing through and the styrofoam float is getting spongy. I 
suppose I could overhaul, but...

It's worked for me all this time. I recommend it if you have a little wave 

Bob Kirk
Isobar #181

At 03:27 PM 12/4/05 -0500, FINNUS505 at aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 12/4/2005 2:37:57 PM Eastern Standard Time,
>isobar at bcpl.net writes:
>I don't  use an electric bilge pump
>(I have a wave driven mechanical  one.)
>Hey Bob,
>Sounds interesting. Tell us more! :)


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