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If this  is the one listed at Yachtworld, it's real  pretty.
I only question a 70,000  rebuild, and asking 32,000.
Was rebuild in 2002 or 2004(one spot says 02,  another 04). Does it really 
look as nice as the listing photos? Has a  surveyor checked it out yet? If it 
really is as nice as it looks and  claims, you could think of it as a new 
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Woowah!!!!  At the right (wrong?:) yard, I beleive one could spend 70  grand 
for a complete refit like this. Look at the woodwork in the cabin; I think  
alot of that is new wood, not refinished. That's a new bronze seacock in the  
galley. Engine compt. is way too clean. Someone redid this boat with some long  
term plans, and those plans must have tragicaly changed. 
Pretty design, though I don't think she has anything on an A30. I like our  
aft deck better.
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