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Coolray cooler2k at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 5 14:54:20 PST 2005

Association Members,

I am new to your organiztion and am need of your
expertise. I am in the process of rescuing and
restoring hull #85. She is in disrepair and it will
take me several months to accomplish the overhaul.

My initial challenge is transport. I am bringing the
boat to my house in Tallahassee. I have arranged the
haul out and to have the mast unstepped.
Unfortunately, it will be impractical and maybe
impossible to have a hydraulic trailer or crane place
the boat on supports, then return six months later to
reload the boat for a short trip to our nearest coast.
My solution is to trailer the boat to my yard where I
can work from my shop, then trailer to the boatyard in
Carabelle, Fla for launch.

I know that A30s are occasionally trailered and that
some members have trailers. Is anyone selling or
leasing their trailer? Or does anyone have a contact
for a trailer? Also, I may purchase an equipment
trailer and modify it or mount a cradle on it. Does
anyone have a cradle for sale? Finally, can anyone
give me some basic information if I have to modify a
trailer? (Such as Basic Empty Weight of the A30 with
the Atomic 4 onboard, and design spacing of the
supports to accommodate the A30 hull.)

Beautiful lines on these boats, I fell for them at
first sight. Thank you in advance for any help you can
give this novice.


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