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Gordon and fellow Albergers,

I have a Topsider which is used for many purposes one draining the fuel tank
once a year capturing any water and stuff from the bottom (also have a
Racor). Many people fill the tank up for the fall, I actually empty the tank
dry and use the fuel either in the car or truck. If I have water and dirt in
the tank, the town garage takes waste oil and fuel to heat the building for
winter another source to donate old fuel. This method has worked for years,
I start the season with new fuel. I generally purchase my fuel for the boat
from the station that I use for my vehicles. 

My location in Ipswich, MA does not have any fuel on the river. I fueled up
once at the fuel dock in Gloucester and was changing filters after running
ten gallons of fuel.


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I buy diesel mostly in 5-gallon quantities at gas stations. Only had one 
problem, though murphy's law being what it is, I probably will, now. 
Obviously when cruising, I get it from fuel docks. I probably over-dose 
the tank with fuel preservative.

    My one problem was that when going up the Severn in 25-30 knots of 
wind from behind me, the fuel pickup clogged and I lost power a mile 
below the bridge when it was a drawbridge that was only opening twice a 
day, and it wasn't time yet. I could not raise the bridgekeeper for an 
emergency opening. We did manage to get the sail down and anchor, but it 
was dicey. I later removed the fuel pickup screen, which was 
un-reachable without removing the tank. I now have dual Racor fuel 
filters, which do the job.

Gordon White, Brigadoon II
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