[Public-list] Re: diesel fuel

Gordon White gewhite at crosslink.net
Sun Feb 13 03:25:03 PST 2005

I buy diesel mostly in 5-gallon quantities at gas stations. Only had one 
problem, though murphy's law being what it is, I probably will, now. 
Obviously when cruising, I get it from fuel docks. I probably over-dose 
the tank with fuel preservative.

    My one problem was that when going up the Severn in 25-30 knots of 
wind from behind me, the fuel pickup clogged and I lost power a mile 
below the bridge when it was a drawbridge that was only opening twice a 
day, and it wasn't time yet. I could not raise the bridgekeeper for an 
emergency opening. We did manage to get the sail down and anchor, but it 
was dicey. I later removed the fuel pickup screen, which was 
un-reachable without removing the tank. I now have dual Racor fuel 
filters, which do the job.

Gordon White, Brigadoon II

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