[Public-list] Flattening Reef Question

richard.hazlegrove at wachovia.com richard.hazlegrove at wachovia.com
Tue Feb 15 06:31:18 PST 2005

On Quest,  I have sheave boxes on each end of the boom and turning blocks 
at the mast base that allow cockpit control of the outhaul, and two reef 
points.  The main has a relatively deep foot that can easily be 
adjusted/flattened from the cockpit.  A couple times a year I race and was 
considering moving  the second reef line to the flattening reef cringle 
for those occasions when the wind is up.  In higher winds, I normally I 
flatten the main with the outhaul, vang, and mainsheet and actively work 
the traveller until it becomes necessary to put a first reef in the main. 
Anybody out there with any suggestions/advice for using the flattening 
reef to de-power, point higher, etc.  or is it actually very useful? 

Richard Hazelgrove
Quest #444
Mobjack Bay, VA.

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