[Public-list] Mast Fairing Blocks

Dave Terrell DTERRELL at message.nmc.edu
Fri Feb 18 13:45:23 PST 2005


>>> penokee at cheqnet.net 2/18/2005 4:41:39 PM >>>
> My question: what sort of tool does one use to cut the wood - and
> does one do it so it is accurate and will fit the mast? The curvature

> of
> the line to be cut is the problem.

I've read a trick (but not tried it) wherein you take a block of wood 
that's close to what you want, but not just-right yet.  Affix coarse 
sandpaper to the mast where you are going to put the block, then 
"sand," by sliding the block back and forth on the paper.  The curve 
should come out just right.

--- Rachel

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