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Richard Mair fullkeel2000 at yahoo.ca
Fri Feb 18 17:40:55 PST 2005

I am in at that price. What rope size is recomended
when going to rope Halyards? 
So far my experience when ordering from out of the
country. The alpenglow lights I had to pay 15% on from
the U.S which is the tax that we pay on anything that
we buy here in Ontario. The engine piston I got from
the U.K was marked marine parts ,value 50.00 and I
paid no extra coming by airmail.  The lights came be
ups and I think there was also a brokers fee.
I will be paying by a bank money order as soon as you
are ready to order let me know so it will get there
before the heads are readt
Richard  609 from ontario Canada
 --- "sousa, stephen (ENG)" <sousa_stephen at emc.com>
> I received a call today concerning pricing on the
> mast heads, they will be
> $290.00 each which does not include shipping and
> handling. I need to pick
> them up pack them and ship, I would expect that
> wouldn't be over $20 each in
> the U.S.
> I do not know about Customs entering Canada, if they
> charge duty. I know
> when I purchased dive gear from Canada, it was
> delivered via U.S. Mail and
> didn't incur Customs Duty. 
> Probably one of the members in Canada would know the
> answer? Having them
> available within 30 days shouldn't be an issue. 
> I would like to post a photo so you can see the
> design before ordering. 
> Also please let me know the size halyard you plan on
> using.
> Regards,
> Stephen   
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