[Public-list] Cockpit Coamings and Companionway Cover

dan walker dsailormon at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 22 18:54:13 PST 2005

did you cover the entire back of the coamings with the strips?

George Dinwiddie <gdinwiddie at alberg30.org> wrote:
Meinhold, Michael J wrote:
> I removed the cockpit coamings. Can anyone reccomend what sealant to use and
> where to put it?
> Should I just apply it along the edges after the coamings are back on?

I used 2" wide by 1/8" or 1/16" thick neoprene gasket behind the coaming 
(at Bug Dolber's suggestion). This has worked very well. Look up 
"gaskets" in the yellow pages to find sources. You might want to call 
around, as the prices seem to vary and for the size you need, you might 
be able to find scrap. The stuff I got had adhesive on one side.

Then I caulked the coaming/deck joint, too.

- George

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