[Public-List] Questions: table, bulkhead tabbing, watertank

Derrick Serrer cptn_derrick at yahoo.ca
Sun Aug 26 09:25:05 PDT 2007

Hello all,
  I was hoping someone could provide me with the dimensions of the original interior table as I have to make a new one seeing as how mine is missing. I found the instructions for the leg on the site but could not find them for the table.
  As well, I have an interesting thing happening inside my boat. At first glance it appears as though the tabbing that holds the bulkheads in place is failing. Upon further examination it is not the tabbing or glasswork at all that is failing, it is the veneer on the bulkhead itself that the tabbing is attached to. There is a perfect line around most of the tabbing on both the main bulkheads and the chain locker bulkhead where the outer veneer is separating from the lower veneers. The line follows exactly the line of the tabbing. There is no rot on any of the bulkheads or dampness in the wood at all that I can detect. My plan at this point is to grind all of the joints down to the level of the first veneer only. That way I would not disturb the underlying joint and then reapply the top layer of tabbing. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
  I filled my watertank to overflowing for the first time. I expected the water to start coming out of the faucet when it was full, however my wife called out from below to advise me that there was water running down the cabin sole. Try as I might, I can not see where the water was leaking from without starting to dismantle the woodwork. Interestingly enough, the varnish on the sole in the track where the water was running was gone when I bought the boat, so now I now why that is. The water was not leaking from the inspection plate, nor was it leaking from the deck fill or hose. In my search I did notice that I can not find a vent hose. Has anyone else encountered this? The water stopped leaking as soon as I pumped about 1/4 of a gallon out through the faucet.
  Thanks in advance,
  Hull #127


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