[Public-List] Selling A-30: In the water or out?

Rachel penokee at cheqnet.net
Wed Aug 29 10:43:43 PDT 2007

On Aug 29, 2007, at 1:25 PM, n4lbl wrote:

> Rachel:
> Whichever choice you make, it will be wrong.

LOL, so true!  It was probably a silly question.  Maybe I just needed 
to talk about the fact that I'm going to sell it, since it's such a 
beautiful boat and not 100% easy to part with.

Those are great comments, Alan.  When I'm looking at a boat, and the 
owner says "Well, <insert issue here> needs to be repaired, but it will 
only take ten minutes," I always think "Yeah, right, so you didn't do 
it because...you don't have a spare ten minutes?" (Real answer: It 
would take hours, days, or weeks, and I can't be bothered.  Please buy 
this boat and make it YOUR problem.")  That's why I haven't officially 
put my boat up for sale yet - I'm finishing up a few "ten minute" 
projects before I do so, and it will probably be a couple of weeks 
before I do so.  Can you tell I'm an oldest child?  (I have to take 

I do have it on sturdy stands with a good ladder, but I agree that 
boats on the hard are always a bit creepy feeling.

And oh do I understand the break required between major boat hunting 
excursions!  I was shopping from northern Minnesota, and I can't tell 
you how many trips (long ones!) I made to look at what ultimately 
turned out to be junky boats.  Talk about an emotional roller coaster.  
Of course then I'd have to take a break and I'm sure that's when all 
the good boats came up <laugh>  That's why I always willing to look at 
a local (or semi-local) boat for a fellow shopper, if I can save them 
20+ hours of driving.

Thanks again for your input, and I hope your boat search bears fruit 
soon :-)



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