[Public-List] Selling A-30: In the water or out?

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Wed Aug 29 10:25:46 PDT 2007


Whichever choice you make, it will be wrong.  I prefer on-the-hard
but my wife objects to the 'wobbly things' that people call ladders
and is anxious climbing aboard.  Whatever you do I recommend
that you make it easy for a potential buyer to focus on the boat
without distraction and discomfort.  If on-the-hard provide a good
solid ladder.  If at a dock don't make the potential buyer perform
like an Olympic athlete.

My wife and I are in the market but live in CO and have just returned
from a boat trip to the east coast.  We are interested in learning
more about your boat but after 9,000 miles in a car we aren't going
east soon.

A recommendation for dealing with novices like me is to have most
things complete.  We think that we understand that maintenance
is required on many things but have no sense of scale for the work
involved.  We saw boats with >30 concurrent projects which to the
owner were obviously 5 minutes each.  I was overwhelmed by the
potential complexity.


On 8/29/07, Rachel <penokee at cheqnet.net> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm going to sell my Alberg 30, and I've got a question for which I'd
> like some input:
> I have the boat out of the water on stands right now, with the mast
> down and on stands beside the boat, and I'm thinking about whether I
> should rig and launch it prior to selling it, or whether I should leave
> it on the hard.  If it were me buying, I guess I'd like it on the hard
> so that I could get a good look at everything; but, OTOH maybe others
> have different views?  Also, I seem to be attracted to hard-to-find
> boats, so I usually end up trucking them half way across the country
> <laugh>
> Currently the boat lives in the lower Chesapeake, so I suppose there's
> a good chance it'll go to its new home by water, but OTHO it's ready to
> hop onto a truck as-is, without more than a couple of hours of prep
> work...
> As I type this I realize the correct answer is probably "it depends" -
> and that there's really no knowing in advance.  But, I'm always open to
> input :-)
> Rachel
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