[Public-List] Selling A-30: In the water or out?

Michael Connolly crufone at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 29 13:09:17 PDT 2007

  I kinda wondered why you are selling.  Seems like you spent two to three years finding your Alberg 30.  You made the purchase just under a year ago did you not?  Now it is for sale.  What happened?

Rachel <penokee at cheqnet.net> wrote:
On Aug 29, 2007, at 3:27 PM, Joel Lembo wrote:

> Rachel, sorry to hear you are selling, If it is going to be surveyed it
> would have to come out on short haul anyway for the inspection.

Hi Joel,

Thanks for your thoughts. The A-30 is a great boat - ironically, that's 
part of the reason I'm selling it. The thing is, it's in really nice, 
original condition, and I respect that. I've realized that I want 
something that I can "make my own," and try various ideas and 
experiments on, and it seems a shame to do that to a pristine A-30, 
when there's such a strong class association. ISo, I've bought a 
similar boat (but not an A-30), and will "do my thing" with that one 


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