[Public-List] Holding Tank Questions

John Riley jriley at dsbscience.com
Mon Jul 23 16:41:21 PDT 2007

I noticed the holding tank vent routing on the Alberg30.org site, and 
like the motivation behind doing it that way.  I was wondering though if 
there were any seaworthiness concerns, ie taking on water into the tank 
in conditions that bury the bow or knock down.  I welcome comments from 
those that have their vents lead to the bow.

Also, I hope to be ordering one of the Raritan 14 gal holding tanks (I 
really wanted something bigger, but ... ), and was hoping someone could 
share about how many flushes between pump-outs they get.  I will be 
using it with a Raritan PH-II head.


John S. Riley
#521, Gaelic Sea 

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