[Public-List] Oily Bilge

Mike Dwyer mdwyer at dejazzd.com
Sun Jul 29 13:40:06 PDT 2007

Hey guys could use your help in cleaning up an oily bilge. I purchased "Imp" last fall . At the time it had been leaking oil into the bilge via a bad dip stick connection. I pulled the engine to make repairs and to clean / paint the bilge.
In the process of cleaning the bilge I am coming across what appears to be concrete at the bottom of the bilge and it has begun deteriorating.  Three questions: Is it normal for Albergs to have concrete in the bilge for ballast and would it be feasable to remove the remnant to clean the oil out.  Lastly what would you recommend to clean the oily surface prior to painting. Thanks greatly appreciate your thoughts!

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