[Public-list] Soft spot

Jonathan Budington jon at globalprinting.com
Thu Jul 5 17:08:25 PDT 2007

I have been doing some boat maintenance, and I have 3 questions:

After refinishing my toe rail (10 coats of epifanes), I noticed the caulking that seals the toe rail to the deck is crumbling.  I plan to cut it away and re-caulk.  Is 4200 the right stuff for this?

I purchased new chocks for the bow and stern.  The old ones were screwed into the toe rail (and quite loose).  Should these be bolted through?  

Finally, and most concerning: while I was inspecting the toe rail, I found a soft spot (the fiberglass buckles in about 1/8" and pops right back out) on the starboard rear deck near the lazerette cover.  This is a 1965 boat with the masonite coring; does this need immediate attention?  My J-30 owning neighbor says it's like cancer.  How would I fix something like this?

I would greatly appreciate any wisdom.


Jon Budington

Nimble #67

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