[Public-list] seacocks/ball valves, Marelon specifically

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I guess if you had 5 or 6 metal thru hulls on the top of the mast, it might
make a difference (That reminds me, anyone know where I can get aluminum
spreaders to replace the original wood battle ships?).  On a more serious
note, I recall reading a story of a guy who was an expert on lightning and
had his boat protected to the nines.  He was rendered unconscious when
lightning struck but woke up just in time to abandon ship.  She was goin
down fast because every thru hull had melted through the fiberglass hull
(gives new meaning to the name).  I assume he had them all grounded and
wonder if it would have happened had he not?  I guess the other question is,
are there plastic thru hulls that don't stick over time and, if so why not
use them?  Anybody know? 


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Can anyone tell me where the weight of a thru hull or seacock is important
on an Alberg?

Jim Davis
S/V Isa Lei
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