[Public-List] Beneath the sole...

Derrick Serrer cptn_derrick at yahoo.ca
Fri Aug 8 16:19:26 PDT 2008

Hello everyone,
I have a question about what exactly lies under the cabin sole? On my boat (#127) I have 4 hatches that get progressively smaller in depth as one moves forward. The one closest to my engine is where my battery currently lies. My question is what lies below the bottom of the compartments. I realize that as one moves forward, the iron keel would begin to rise up but is there not a large empty space down there below the first two compartments? This seems like an incredible waste of space if indeed it is empty and would be a great location for an extra water/fuel tank for long distance cruising would it not?
If anyone has any experience with this I would love to hear about it.
Also, how hard is it to reach the iron in the keel? I would like to drill into it in order to attach a ground for an HF radio?
Mara II #127

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